Welcome to website of Winner Group company.

The company Winner Group – WG is wholesale producer and supplier of mobile accessories since 1996, when were first hand made products introduced. Together with establishment of the company, the vision to present high quality and useful products was created. Maintained and constantly equally important vision allowed „WG“ or „Winner“ branded products to appear on Czech, Slovak, Polish, German or Dutch market. The more customer’s interest in company grew, the more space for products was needed. In year 2010, the company decided to create its brand new working place with more storage rooms. The office and warehouse is located in Jablunkov whence is whole product and customer care secured. Portfolio of the company is currently made of small electronics as well. The goal of the company is to assure safety to customer’s mobile devices with the help of mobile cases and protection glasses for the all mobile phones availible on the market. Own „WG“ cell phones with wide variety of useful functions intented for seniors and children is another way how the company is connecting people and families. The reward for responsible customer approach and high quality production processes is cooperation with business partners as POLKOMTEL Plus, Vodafone, Telefonica – O2, Electro World, nay Elektrodom, Media Expert, Empik, RTV EURO AGD, Saturn or Media Markt.


First clients

Eurotel CZ, Eurotel SK
Sony Czech
Polkomtel Plus - operátor
ERA PL - operátor

Portfolio extension

Until 1999, only own hand-made products were offered. Then portfolio expanded to its present form.

Company Headquarters

Construction of the brand new headquarters of the company.


Transition from a natural person to a legal entity.

20 years on the market

To this date, the Winner Group company has created over 57 jobs.